B7 Consequences of Choices

Yes i think there still is high expectation put on kids i think that they are just different expectation. the expectations are now having to fit in and be what society is like. with these expectations i think it can be just as overwhelming because there are so many people that make you feel terrible […]

C8 visual

i re made the book cover to Thirteen Reasons Why and i didn’t have troubles coming up with a new book cover because i had an idea right away. the part i had troubles with was re writing the summary of what happens. i found this project fun and i liked doing it.

Character Fears

Lucy –  My biggest fear is losing my dad. It is my biggest fear because I have been with my dad my whole life. Andi know he is different than other dads but that’s okay because he’s my dad. I know it is a fear of mine because when I got taken away by child […]

I am Sam Response

A4 response – I am Sam There are many different dynamic characters in all films. A dynamic character is a character who is in the film quite a bit and they learn/grow throughout the movie, because of their experience’s. The movie that we watched was I am Sam. There is a character, Rita, who is […]